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All the faculty members are highly qualified, trained and specialized, mostly from industrially developed foreign countries, in almost all the major fields of Pharmacy education and contemporary research.



Dr. Gul Shahnaz gshahnaz@qau.edu.pk 9064-4137
Prof. Dr. Gul Majid Khan gmkhan@qau.edu.pk 9064-4144
Dr. Tofeeq Ur-Rehman tofeeq.urrehman@qau.edu.pk 9064-4135
Dr. Ihsan-Ul-Haq ihaq@qau.edu.pk 9064-4143
Dr. Ahmad Khan akhan@qau.edu.pk 9064-4181
Dr. Naveed Ahmed natanoli@qau.edu.pk 9064-4180
Dr. Hussain Ali h.ali@qau.edu.pk 9064-4021
Dr. Asim-ur-Rehman arehman@qau.edu.pk 03229821867
Dr. Naseem Ullah nullah@qau.edu.pk 03409234876
Dr. Kifayat Ullah Shah kushah@qau.edu.pk 03325542722
Dr. Salman Khan skhan@qau.edu.pk 9064-4056
Mr. Muhammad Khalid Tipu mktipu@qau.edu.pk 9064-4136
Dr. Amjad Khan amjadkhan@qau.edu.pk 03319150478
Mr. Nadeem Irshad nirshad@qau.edu.pk 9064-4099
Dr. Mubashar Rehman mrehman@qau.edu.pk 9064-4208
Dr. Humaira Fatima Chughtai hfchughtai@qau.edu.pk 9064-4128



Dr. Fakhar-ud-Din fudin@qau.edu.pk 03335337757


Visiting Faculty

Department of Pharmacy , Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, 45320, Pakistan.
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